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Top 5 Benefits of Working in Canada

Top 5 Benefits of Working in Canada – Immigrating to a new country and starting afresh can be challenging but immigrating to a country like Canada will be one great decision you will be making because there are a lot of benefits you get living and working in Canada.

Canada is seen now as one of the countries people immigrate to presently and this is because of the testimonies people that have immigrated have been saying about working in Canada.

Canada offers you a lot of job opportunities coupled with a favourable work environment this is why it has been the top destination for a lot of immigrants in recent years and if you are thinking of immigrating to Canada to work, then you are on the right track and you won’t regret making this decision.

The Canadian government has extended its immigration target to welcome over 1.23 million immigrants into the country between 2021 to 2023 in a bid to fill up labour shortages in the country and meet its economic needs. So you can see that if you are a skilled or experienced worker in any profession or field that is in-demand in the country, you can easily get job in Canada and start working when you move to Canada.

Even though some cities in Canada have a high cost of living, your earnings would be enough to meet your needs and meet up with the cost of living. But aside this, you get to enjoy flexibility in work, improvement in your skill and experience and many other wonderful benefits attached with working in Canada.

In this article, we will be showing you some of the benefits you stand to get if you are working in Canada and we are sure that the information in this article will help in making your decision as to why you should immigrate and work in Canada.

Without much stress, let’s take you down what we have for you…

5 Benefits of Working in Canada

  • You get to earn more

Anybody leaving their country for another country is looking for greener pasture that is, looking for a place that is better than their country or hometown and Canada is just the right place for you.

When you work in Canada, you are sure to earn higher as Canada offers one of the best minimum wages in the world compared to some other countries. You should know that the average salary in Canada annually is around $51,859 to $54,890 and also this depends on the kind of work you do and also your level of expertise and experience as you can earn higher than that.

If you are working in the healthcare, engineering and tech sectors, you should be sure of earning a high salary and this doesn’t mean that other professions do not earn high at least they earn higher than when you work in some neighboring countries like US and Mexico.

Whether you want to live a simple or luxurious life, Canada offers you just enough to live and cater for yourself and also anyone that stays with you.

Let’s look at some of the top paying jobs that are in-demand Canada and what you are expected to earn as this information will help you in making your decision.

Average Annual Salary per Industry in Canada
Occupation/IndustrySalary/month (CAD)
Accounting & Administration$50,2579 – $129,090
Childcare and Education$40,000 – $99,000
Construction and Maintenance$30,000 – $77,000
Healthcare and Social Services$58,000 – $280,000
Hospitality$56,800 – $82,700
Legal$242,000 – $390,000
Part-time, Retail and Customer Service$22,400 – $42,500
Shipping and Manufacturing$55,000 – $98,300
Transportation$48,730 – $74,204
  • You get to work for shorter hours and get longer paid vacation

The global work hours on a full-time basis is around 40 to 44 hours per week but in Canada, you get to work for about 35 to 40 hours per week so it is not a surprise why people pick Canada as their number one work destination. With this number of hours you get to work, you would also have time to attend to other things and also take care of yourself.

Alongside these shorter hours to work, you also get to enjoy longer paid vacation to spend time with loved ones and the length of your vacation depends on the length of your employment. So if you have worked in a company for less than five years, you are entitled to take a two weeks paid vacation and it can increase with the number of years you spend in that company.

You should know that Canadian employers love it when their workers are healthy and fit and also they believe that one way to do this is by promoting a work-life balance for all workers so they can work well and increase productivity and efficiency.

  • There is job security

If not for anything, for the fact that you won’t get laid off from working suddenly or you get compensation for anything that have to your job should make you want work in Canada. There is an increasing number of retirees in Canada presently coupled with the pandemic hit on the country so the country is looking for foreign workers that are ready to contribute to the workforce of the country and so you see why getting a job in Canada means you definitely have job security.

Whether you get sick or disabled, you won’t have to bother about losing your job provided you can work when you get back. There are many programs for you if you want to immigrate to Canada and work.

Even in the pandemic situation where the country was hit with high unemployment rate to an extent, the Canadian government helped the Canadian citizens and permanent residents with financial support to see them through and for a country that is this loving and concerned about the people living in it, why will your job not be secured?

So if you can immigrate to Canada and become a permanent residence, you would be sure of working in Canada for a long period of time without the fear of losing your job.

  • You get work satisfaction

You should know that there is peace of mind and happiness when you love what you are doing; you will devote your energy to ensure everything goes well. Many employees in Canada have attested to being happy and satisfied with working in Canada as the job allows them to spend them with their loved ones. When you are satisfied with the job you are doing, you tend to give it your best and this increases productivity.

  • You get leave benefits as an expecting parent

As an expecting parent in Canada, you are entitled to federally mandated childcare benefits and this includes a rate of:

  • 33 – 64% shared weeks of paid leave with 5 weeks extra of “daddy days”or “non-birthing” parents in a two-parent family dynamic.
  • 31- 57% of parent’s average weekly insurable earnings

So you wouldn’t have to worry about anything when expecting a child and enjoy every bit of the leave you have been given.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Canadian Work Permit?

For you to work in Canada if you are not a permanent resident, you will certainly need a work permit whether an open work permit or a closed work permit and you also get to enjoy some benefits having this work permit.

So let’s look into some of the benefits you would get having a work permit in Canada.

  • You could get permanent residence in Canada

This is one sweet benefit of working in Canada, if you have a work permit in Canada and work in Canada; you stand a chance of getting a permanent residence in Canada as one of the requirements that will increase your chances of getting a permanent residence is having Canadian work experience. Many provinces have an immigration program to help immigrants with Canadian work experience in that province move to Canada and work permanently.

  • Your work permit has a longer duration of validity

The work permit of many countries expires after one year but in Canada, it is quite different as the validity of your work permit depends on the immigration program you are applying through. For instance, if you applying through the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP), you can get a work permit in Canada that has a validity duration of up to three years depending in the length of your study program.

Also, Live-in caregivers that is, caregivers that live in the houses of their employers can have a work permit of up to four years.

  • Your spouse or common-law partner can also work in canada

Since Canada is on the quest of welcoming immigrants to come fill up labour shortages in the country, your spouse or anyone moving to Canada with you can also work but they will have to apply for their own work permit.

They maybe allow to apply for an open work permit which will allow them to work for any employer in Canada anywhere in Canada and this type of work permit is usually reserved for Post-Graduate Work Permit applicants especially international students or those waiting for permanent residence in Canada.

Ending Note

You should know that working in Canada offers you a lot of benefits aside the five we mentioned in this article. The thing is you would certainly enjoy working in Canada as this can also be your ticket to getting permanent residence in Canada if your dream has been to living in Canada.

There are over 100 immigration or visa programs through which you can move to Canada and work and following the best programs will make your immigration easy and also make it easy for you to work in Canada without any problems.

You can go through a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) as they know every detail and information about moving to Canada. They will tell you if you qualify for a work permit, how you can apply for permanent residency and even help you in doing it to.

So make the right decision and be in your way to Canada.



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