Top 10 Best Driving Schools In Brampton

Best Driving Schools In Brampton

Best Driving Schools In Brampton-Are you looking for the best driving schools in Brampton? This article will open you up to the very best ten (10) schools in Brampton and you will see the beauty of driving in the wonderful city.

Brampton is one of the unique cities in the great province of Ontario. It is a city in the Great Toronto Area and it is also a lower –tier municipality within Peel Region.

Brampton has an approximated population of 656,480 as of the 2021 census. This populations made Brampton rank ninth in the most populous municipality in Canada and third in the most populous city in the Greater Golden Horseshoe urban area, after Toronto and Mississauga.

The major economy of the city of Brampton are in economic sectors like retail administration, information communication technologies, advanced manufacturing, logistics, food and beverage, business services and life was once known to be The Flower Town of Canada because it was the home of the largest greenhouse industry in Canada.

Driving is a skills every individual must possess and it is one many people must make sure they learn because at some point in their lives they we need to drive.

When talking about driving about the person driving but also about awareness and well-being of others on the road. It is a good idea and a very important one that you should enroll in a driving school that has what it takes in terms of good training to making sure that you are a safe driver. In most cases family members and friends may volunteer to offer you free training but it is nothing to be compared to receiving quality education from professional driving teachers.

List of Driving Schools in Brampton

Here we will be listing the driving schools in Brampton but we won’t stop there as we will also be listing the best driving schools in Brampton and also the best ten (10) driving schools in Brampton to making the job easier for you.

  • Competent drivers
  • Ultimate Drivers of Canada
  • Excel Drivers
  • Carlton Driving School
  • Ultimate Drivers
  • AGC Driving School
  • Peel Driving School
  • Pioneer Driver Education
  • Young Drivers of Canada
  • New Method Driving School
  • Apex Driving Training School
  • AAA Four Star Driving School
  • My driving school
  • Malton driving school
  • Multi dimensions driving school
  • Zab driving school
  • Ease driving
  • National truck driving school
  • Good drivers Brampton
  • Oxford driver’s education
  • Cheema driving instructor
  • Global G drivers
  • Super tech driving school
  • Drive smart
  • Newlight Driving school
  • Oh Canada driving school
  • Crown truck driving academy
  • PB2CA driving school
  • Auto star drivers training
  • Brilliant drivers
  • Step –in driving school
  • KPK car driving school
  • Imperial driving school
  • Mota’s driving school
  • Zahra driving school
  • Learnsgs driving school
  • Divine driving school
  • ABC Driving school
  • Drive smart 1 driving school
  • AD truck driving school
  • Dixe truck & forklift driving school
  • Best Canadian truck and forklift training center Inc.
  • Singh driving school

Best Driving Schools in Brampton

Here we will be listing the best driving schools in Brampton. We will not stop here as we make the job more specific and easier as we will be also listing the top ten (10) best schools in Canada.

  • Apex Driving Training School
  • Great Driving School
  • New Method Driving School
  • Multi–Dimension Driving School
  • AAA Four Start Driving School
  • Malton Driving School
  • Good Drivers Brampton
  • Competent Drivers
  • Ultimate Drivers
  • AAA Top Driving School
  • Peel Truck Driving School
  • Drive Smart 1 Driving School
  • Jeff’s Brampton Driving School
  • AAA Planet Driving School
  • Singh Driving School
  • Super Tech Driving School
  • 5 Rivers Driving Academy Inc.

Best Ten (10) Driving Schools In Brampton

  • Competent Drivers
  • Apex Driving Training School
  • Great Driving School      
  • New Method Driving School
  • ABC Driving School Brampton
  • Peel Driving School
  • Multi –Dimensions Driving School
  • AAA Four Star Driving School
  • Apex Driving Training School
  • AAA Top Driving School Ltd

Competent Drivers

This driving school is located at NO. 965 Bovaird Dr. West Unit 201, Brampton. Ontario, Canada.  Competent drivers is one of the best driving schools in Ontario because of how it has helped to change the way North America drives to reduce the number of accidents on the road.

Competent Drivers is a driving school that is so committed in providing its students with a convenient and safe experience.

For more information on Competent Drivers visit:

  • Apex Driving Training School

This amazing driving school is located at No. 9715 James Potter Rd Unit 203, Above D Q, Brampton, Ontario L6X 3B9, Canada. Apex Driving Training school is a certified and registered driving school.

Apex Driving Training school was created and established with the vision of helping students to quickly get their driver’s license by fast assessing needs and skills so as for students to quickly hit the road. This school opens by 9:00 am to 6:00pm so you can pick a convenient time range between 9am to 6am as instructor are available to attend to you.

For more information on Apex Driving Training school visit:

  • Great Driving School

This amazing driving school is located at No. 373 Steeles Ave W, Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9, Canada.

Great Driving School is a school that has dedicated itself to providing the residents of Brampton Mississauga, Etobicoke with an education program in driver safety. It is a driving school that is committed teaching and educating responsible, safe drivers for tomorrow and also to provide the best quality driver classes, exceptional customer service and car driver training for all customers within the Brampton Mississauga, Etobicoke and area in Etobicoke.

For more information on Great Driving School visit:

  • Multi –Dimensions Driving School

This unique driving school is located at No. 50 Cochrane Ave, Brampton, Ontario L6Z 4G6, Canada. Multi –Dimensions Driving School is approved by the Ministry of Transportation Ontario course provider in BDE.

Multi –Dimensions Driving School is open to all ages that are interested in driver educational program. All the professional driving instructors are certified by the Ministry Of Education. They are also patient, polite and highly qualified.

Multi –Dimensions Driving School also offers affordable driving lesson fee in Brampton and other surrounding areas

For more information on Multi –Dimensions Driving School visit:

  • New Method Driving School

This wonderful driving school is located at No. 59 First Gulf Blvd Unit 2, Brampton, Ontario L6w 4W9, Canada. New Method Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Brampton and has been in existence for 21 years and is making sure that residents in PEEL/GTA are competent and safe drivers.

New Method Driving School has help trained sound driver over the years that are also courteous, polite and intelligent, with amazing driving records. It has almost 500 + in-car driving instructors who have years of experience in teaching in car. The driving instructors teaching are patient, polite, knowledgeable and skillful.

The school believes in two unique principles while driving, one principle is that driving is a “life skill”. Driving is an important part of life in our world today and something people cannot do without. The second is this driving school follows the legal expression which states that “not knowing the laws is not an excuse to break the law”. They ensure that students learn all legal and safety rules during their 40 hours course.

For more information on New Method Driving School visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Driving School Cost In Brampton?

The average cost of a driving school in Brampton is $600.  It also ranges from $575 to $800. The price still falls down to the driving institute and package, as per your choice of practice hours. That is, the higher your practice hours the higher the cost and the lower the driving hours the lower the cost.

How Many Driving Lessons Do You Need Before You Take Your Driving Test?

The total driving hours needed before testing the Canadian roads proper is forty (40) hours. You need at least sixty (16) hours of in-class instruction and at least fourteen (14) hours instruction on the road with a driving instructor by your side.

Can I Learn Driving In A Week?

We cannot say it is impossible but we can only say that no registered driving institution will agree to teach you how to drive in a week but most people can take a week to be comfortable behind the steering wheel others might take weeks some in most cases might take months.

Final Note

Driving is a very interest experience and very important to our everyday life as many of us take a bus or person car or a taxi to work every day to meet up with our day to day activities. So with our collection of best ten 10 driving schools in Brampton you can be able to pick on and get started with your driving experience.

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