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The Instructions For Applying for the Oil Rig Jobs in Alberta

Did you have at least some idea that oil is Canada’s greatest product worker? This makes it an extremely huge piece of the Canadian economy and there are more than 60 dynamic oil rigs in Canada, with Alberta creating a greater part of the oil and is answerable for utilizing north of 128,180 workers and this makes Alberta the territory to be in assuming you’re an oil rig laborer.

Thus, on the off chance that you’re keen on the oil and gas industry, find how to go after oil rig positions in Alberta and you could be acquiring as much as possible in Canada.

Going after an Oil Rig Position in Canada

Any worker who needs to work in Canada, should apply for a Canadian work visa to legitimately do as such and Canada is an extraordinary work environment for some reasons, for example, a high the lowest pay permitted by law and incredible representative advantages.


The principal thing you really want to be aware of about the work license is that there are two sorts that you could meet all requirements for and they are as per the following:

  • An open work grant – through this visa, you can work anyplace in Canada and for any business. There aren’t any limitations.
  • A business explicit work grant – this specific kind of visa, you’ll be limited with variables, for example, where you can work, who you can work for and the sort of position.

Presently, there are a few Canadian projects through which you can apply for every one of these visas and we should investigate a couple of those projects.

  • Program for open work grants
  • Post-Graduate Worker Permit

On the off chance that you’re a worldwide understudy who has finished a review program in Canada from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI), then this is an ideal visa for you and through the Post-Graduate Worker Permit (PGWP) you will get an open work license, empowering you to work all over Canada and inside any position.


Your work visa would be legitimate for a time of anywhere between eight months to three years and this all relies upon the length of your review program and this PGWP is the ideal chance to acquire Canadian working experience which will open more entryways of chances for you and with different positions as well as for Canadian long-lasting residency.

Who is qualified for a PGWP?

Assuming you might want to apply for a PGWP, you’ll initially have to meet the accompanying rules:

  • To finished an intellectual, professional or expert preparation program at a qualified establishment in Canada that is something like 8 months in length prompting a degree, recognition or authentication;
  • To keep up with full-time undergraduates status in Canada; and
  • And you got a record and letter that you’ve met all necessities to finish your review program.

Top Tip!

When you have work experience in Canada, you might fit the bill to apply for extremely durable residency through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) which falls under Express Entry.

Program for manager explicit work licenses

Transitory Foreign Worker Program

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) was made to permit Canadian managers to employ unfamiliar talented specialists to fill deficiencies in the Canadian workforce and what’s incredible about the TFWP is that it additionally guarantees you as an unfamiliar public are dealt with decently and are safeguarded with laborers’ privileges and this is an incredible visa if you have any desire to go after oil rig positions in Alberta and the accompanying streams are accessible for managers to enlist outside nationals.

  • The Unknown Agricultural Workers;
  • The High-Wage Workers;
  • The In-Home Caregivers;
  • The Low-Wage Workers;
  • The Unfamiliar Academics; and
  • The Worldwide Talent Stream.

There is a rundown of prerequisites you’ll have to meet to fit the bill for both of the previously mentioned streams. They are as per the following:

  • A substantial bid for employment;
  • A visa;
  • To Demonstrate that you match the proposition for employment necessities;
  • A clinical test and endorsement;
  • A police leeway declaration;
  • Your language test results;
  • A confirmation of assets; and
  • A duplicate of your Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

What is a LMIA?

A Labor Market Impact Assessment is a letter that a business might be approached to get prior to employing an unfamiliar talented specialist and a positive LMIA really intends that there is for sure a requirement for the outside public to fill the position. It likewise intends that there aren’t any Canadian residents or long-lasting occupants to fill the job.

Sorts of Oil Rig Jobs in Alberta

For the most part, there are three to four team laborers on an oil rig who represent considerable authority in various jobs and here are the most widely recognized sorts of occupations for getting oil out of the ground productively and securely.

The Rig Manager


You can gradually move up the positions for the place of apparatus director, once in a while additionally called a Toolpusher and the director basically regulates all the staff on the oil rig as well as the boring exercises and hardware and the drill colleagues seek their apparatus chief for authority, security preparing, as well as question goal and help in settling faculty and functional issues.


The Oil rig directors normally have accreditations for emergency treatment and particular security preparation and they likewise acquire an astounding CAD $158, 000 every year by and large.

The Drillers

The Driller deals with their own teams and reports to the apparatus director and the driller is expected to regulate a team as well as work boring and raising hardware, deal with the apparatus floor and the driller’s control center (counting brakes, screens, chokes, grasps and many checks).

The readings and criticism acquired from the control center empower the driller to make changes at whatever point fundamental. Drillers can make up to CAD $99, 000 every year, contingent upon their long stretches of involvement.

The Derrickhand

On an oil rig the Derrickhand handles the highest part of the penetrating string as it is brought from or brought down into the drill opening and they invest 25% of their energy working and moving from inconceivable statues and likewise, they additionally assume a key part in working the mud framework, blending the mud, helping the driller, doing hardware upkeep, and taking on different positions depending on the situation and wellbeing preparing is fundamental for this job and Derrickhands procure around $75, 000 every year.

The Motorhand

Oil rigs have solid motors that power the penetrating hardware and some other apparatus gear and as the gig title infers, Motor Hands are responsible for keeping the motors chugging along as expected. Gear changes to some degree from one apparatus to another, yet as a general rule an apparatus has a blend of diesel and electric motors and motor hands ought to have a talent for mechanics and involvement in this kind of hardware and they can procure roughly CAD $71, 325 every year.

Roughnecks and Roustabouts

In the event that you have no experience dealing with an oil rig however need to enter the business then, at that point, beginning as a Roughneck or Roustabout is the best approach and these section level oil rig occupations in Alberta are work concentrated and comprise of different undertakings like collecting and fixing oil field hardware, getting posts, keeping the deck spotless and clear of wellbeing dangers, moving gear around the apparatus, painting and the sky’s the limit from there.

The position permits you to get an understanding into the oil and gas industry to find in which region you might want to practice if you have any desire to climb in the positions and Roughnecks and Roustabout can procure around CAD $40, 000 every year.

Working in Alberta as an Immigrant

Alberta has consistently become perhaps the best spot in Canada to move as an unfamiliar public and the region is known similar to the prosperous region of today and is notable for its elevated requirement of living and working in Alberta particularly is an extraordinary decision in view of its roaring monetary development, so to go after oil rig positions in Alberta simply appears to be legit and each out to one of our visa specialists today and check whether you’re qualified!

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