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Best Catholic Schools In Canada-Are you looking for information about the best catholic schools in Canada, then you just stop at the right web page.

Here, we are going to be telling you about the best catholic schools in Canada and how you can enroll your kids.

There are a lot of catholic private schools in Canada that offer top quality education to students at elementary through to high school level.

It is no news that Canada is one of the best countries of the world to study in as it is home for some of the best schools in the world (high school, colleges and universities).

There are a lot of international reputed and highly popular catholic secondary schools in Canada which are spread across different provinces and territories.

Over the years, canadian catholic schools have been highly appreciated for offering top notch education with well-constructed and similar community. They offer both the religious and the international recognized courses and have a strong discipline which helps to build character and morals of students.

The religious and creative programs of the schools are naturally rooted with catholic values, beliefs, ideology and teachings. They try to inculcate the spirit of voluntarism and community service to the students.

The high school diploma granted by the catholic high schools in Canada re recognized and accepted across Canada and abroad.

List of Catholic High Schools in Canada

  • Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School, Peterborough, Ontario
  • St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School, Ontario
  • St. David Catholic Secondary School, Waterloo
  • Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School, Ontario
  • Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Ontario
  • St. Albert Catholic High School (SACHS), Alberta
  • St. Augustine Catholic High School, Ontario
  • Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School, Ontario
  • St. Michael’s College School, Toronto, Ontario
  • St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School, Ontario
  • Loyola High School, Montreal, Quebec
  • Father John Redmond, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Don Bosco, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Bishop Allen, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • St. Malachy’s Memorial High School, New Brunswick
  • Sacred Heart School of Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Vancouver College, British Columbia
  • Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Edmonton)
  • Saint Francis High School (Calgary)
  • St. Francis Xavier High School (Edmonton)
  • St. Mary’s High School (Calgary)
  • St. Joseph High School, Saskatchewan

Private Catholic Schools in Canada

  • Archbishop Carney Secondary School
  • Port Coquitlam,
  • Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Wilcox
  • Clear Water Academy Calgary,
  • College Bourget, Rigaud                
  • College de Montreal, Montreal, 
  • College Notre-Dame, Montreal, QC       
  • College Rivier Coaticook, QC 
  • College St-Joseph Gatineau, QC 
  • Hawthorn School for Girls North York
  • Holy Name of Mary College School Mississauga
  • Immaculata Regional High School, Kelowna, BC 
  • Joan of Arc Academy, Ottawa              
  • Le Seminaire Sainte-Marie Shawinigan, QC 
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Academy of Arts & Sciences Toronto
  • Little Flower Academy Vancouver
  • Loyola High School Montreal  
  • Marcelle-Mallet secondaire prive Levis
  • Sacred Heart School of Halifax
  • Saint Joseph Catholic Elementary School Kelowna
  • St. Ann’s Academy Kamloops
  • St. Bonaventure’s College
  • St. John’s, NL                    
  • St. Boniface Diocesan High School Winnipeg
  • St. Joseph School Vancouver
  • St. Mary’s Academy Winnipeg
  • St. Maurice School Winnipeg
  • St. Michael’s College School Toronto
  • St. Paul’s High School Winnipeg
  • St. Peter’s ACHS College School Amherstburg
  • The Priory School Montreal
  • The Sacred Heart School of Montreal Montreal
  • Traditional Learning Academy Coquitlam

Best Catholic High Schools in Canada

  • St. Michael Choir School
  • Sacred Heart School of Halifax
  • St. Joseph College
  • St. Patrick School
  • St. Mary Catholic Academy
  • Lorretto Abbey School
  • Notre Dame High School

  • St. Michael’s Choir School

This is a semi-private catholic choir school for boys from grades 3-12 in Toronto, ontario. The school was established in 1937 and it is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto and the Pontifical institute of sacred music which is in charge of the school’s music activities. The Toronto Catholic District School Board is in charge of  all the sport programs and extracurricular activities and academic subjects.

The school is a member of the international Boy’s school coalition. The school trains the student choir and also musicians interested in classical and liturgical music through music theory, optional lessons in music, history, vocal, piano instruction, orchestral string instruments like violin, classical guitar etc.

To get admitted into this great citadel of knowledge, you will go through an audition and students also sing in concert in Canada, during weekly mass at the popular St. Michael’s cathedral Basilica and internationally.

For more information about St. Michael’s Choir School, visit:

  • Sacred Heart School of Halifax

This school is a member of the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) and one of the top independent schools in Atlantic Canada. The school teaches the whole child-mind, body and spirit. The school was established in 1849 and it is the oldest continually operating school in Halifax. It is a co-educational institution for Jr. Primary through to grade 12.

The Sacred Heart School of Halifax is part of a global network of Sacred Heart Schools around the world all which follows the same five goals and criteria that guide the education and the experience for all students.

For more information about the school, visit:

  • St. Joseph’s College School

This is a girls’ catholic high school in downtown Toronto, Ontario and it was established in 1854 by the Sisters of St. Joseph. It is operated by the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

It is a school for young girls and also little girls as it has a boarding and day school. It is ranked among the top best schools in Ontario by the Fraser Institute.

The school offers full-time Extended French program, a variety of advanced placement and also major courses and wide range of classes in the sciences and the humanities.

The school also has a Gifted education program and an Enriched program that enables the students participate in a number of activities like Encounters with Canada, the University of Toronto Mentorship Program, the Queen’s University Enrichment Studies Unit, the University of Toronto Gifted Conference and many others.

For more information on St. Joseph College School visit:

  • St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School

This is a Roman Catholic high school that is located in Toronto, ON and it is part of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. The school is dedicated to the Saint Patrick of Ireland and St. Marguerite Bourgeoys, the founder of the Congregation of Notre Dame.

The school is one of the oldest schools in Toronto and it used to be an elementary school when it was founded in 1852 and it was later turned into a secondary school which opened in 1986.

It is the home centre of arts, media and technology. The school’s motto is “Amor Christi Nos Impellit” which means “The Love of Christ Impels Us”

It offers a full range of programs to students and with the aim of helping the students achieve success by meeting individual learning needs and providing more opportunities to experience and build strengths and interests.

They teach skills that will help students to move forward to post-secondary goals of college, universities or even apprenticeship.

For more information on St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School visit:

  • St Mary Catholic Academy

The school was previously called St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School. The school was established in 1982 by the Faithful Companions of Jesus and it is located in Toronto, Ontario.

The school is aimed at providing an outstanding whole-person education through which all its students are challenged to grow in wisdom, understanding, self-estee, and closeness to God.

The distinctive curriculum of the school seeks to provide the experiences that help create a community of enthusiastic and increasingly independent learners.

It recognizes the importance of working closely with parents and student, parishes and primary schools towards excellence.

For more information on St. Mary catholic academy visit:

  • Lorretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School

This is an all-girls catholic secondary school that is located in Hogg’s Hollow in the neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario. The school was established in 1847 and it is one of the oldest educational institutions in Toronto.

The school is part of the Toronto Catholic District School Board since 1986.

The school operates on the non-semester system and offers Advanced Placement, academic and applied courses: approximately 85% of the school’s courses are offered at the academic level, educating girls to university-entrance standards.

For more information on Lorretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School visit:

  • Notre Dame High School

This is an all-girls Roman Catholic secondary school for grades 9 to 12 that is located in Toronto, Ontario. The school was established in 1941 by the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame and it is a member of the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

Notre Dame High School is one of the 30 high schools run by the TCDSB and one of the six all-girls schools. It has an enrollment of 670 students.

For more information on Notre Dame High School visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

What City has the most Catholic School?

Knowing that many catholic schools are private schools and they are spread across different parts of Canada New Orleans is the city with the most catholic schools.

Are Catholic Schools Betters Than Public In Canada?

It is true that the numbers of public schools in Canada are more than the number of catholic school in Canada but catholic schools are better than public schools in Canada.

Can My Child Ago To A Catholic School Even If He Or She Is Not A Catholic?

Yes of course no requirements are needed in order to attend a catholic secondary or high school in Canada.

Final Note

Canada schools are unique in their own way seeing how they have transformed the lives of many children and have produce prominent men and women in the society. It is not a bad ideal to enroll in one of these high schools.

Catholic schools have proven over the years to be outstanding and have also inculcated manners in the students with has guided them in their choices in life.

Reference –list of high schools in Canada –best catholic high schools in Canada –list of private catholic high schools in Canada


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