Best Public Schools In Regina

Best Public Schools In Regina

Best Public Schools In Regina-We know why you are yes you. You are looking for information on the best public universities in Regina. This article has all the information you need.

Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan a province in Canada; it is the second largest city in the province of Saskatchewan after Saskatoon which happens to be the first largest city in the province. The former name for Regina was called “Wascana” which was later renamed in 1882 by the governors general of Canada, the Marquess of Lorne’s wife whose name was “Princess Louise” the daughter of queen victoria to honor the queen. Regina means queen (in Latin).

Regina is located on treaty four (4) territories, and also the homeland of the Métis. This city is rich in heritage and history and also one of Canada fastest growing cities. Many amenities were created to making it rank on of the best cities in Canada some of which are royal Saskatchewan museum (RSM), Conexus arts center (for orchestra performance), the Saskatchewan science center, Mackenzie art gallery (mag), victoria park, easy access health facilities, libraries, shopping malls, grocery stores, everything a student needs in becoming the best in the rank of graduating students is in the city of Regina.

Schooling in Regina surely will give you an edge over most of the public universities in the world.

Best Universities in Regina

Regina happens to be a city that welcomes foreigners with love and being an international student in one of their public universities will also make you feel  home as a student. Public universities in Regina happen to rank amazing numbers in the list of public schools in Canada.

  • Campion College
  • First Nation University of Canada
  • Luther College
  • University of Regina

Let’s talk about these schools so as for you to know the one that best suits you but remember they are all wonderful schools with amazing track records.

  • University of Regina

This is a public research university that is located in Regina Saskatchewan province, Canada. It was founded in the year 1911 as a denomination private high school of the Methodist church of Canada. So it later associated with university of Saskatchewan as a junior college in the year 1925, the Methodist church of Canada later disassociated it fully became a university campus under the university of Saskatchewan in the year 1934 , later in 1961 it was given a degree –granting status as the Regina campus of the university of  Saskatchewan. It grew to becoming an autonomous university in 1974. Over the years about 15,000 students has being given an enrolment both as a part time and a fulltime students. It is well said of for having a focus on learning via experimentation and not just theories. University of Regina has a motto which say “as one who serves” this show that this great university has added greatly to the society at large in promoting unity and love.

For more information on the university of Regina visit:

  • First National University of Canada (FNUNIV)

It is a post –secondary institution and also a federated college of the University of Regina, which is located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. FNUNIV originated from the Saskatchewan Indian federated collect which is a federated college that was established in May 1976 through a unified agreement between the federation of Saskatchewan Indian nations and the University of Regina. Some years later the institution was renamed the first national university of Canada in the year June 23, 2003, and its new Regina campus opened later that same year.

The degrees earned at the institution are given from the University of Regina. First national university is open to all the students from different cultures and nationalities.

For more information on first nation university of Canada visit:

  • Campion College

It is a private Roman Catholic university college which is federated with the University of Regina and is also attached with the “society of Jesus” (Jesuits). It is located in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan province, Canada.

Campion College has its own faculty, staffs and also infrastructure. Administrative and faculty offices and also a chapel are inclusive, library and auditorium. Lounges for students and staffs with a cafeteria are also in this school.

 It is known to be an undergraduate liberal arts college that offers courses leading to bachelor’s degree in the arts, sciences and fine arts.

For more information on Campion college visit:

  • Luther college

It is located in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan province, Canada, where it’s campus is in the university of Regina and also serves as the federated college of the university. It was established in the year 1971. It has an approximated number of 2600 students and 1115 full time employees at the university campus. Luther college as a federated college is financially independent and has it’s own administrative but the student of Luther college earn a degree from the university of Regina and can also take courses at the university of Regina

For more information on Luther college visit:

List of Universities in Saskatchewan

  • Campion College at the University of Regina
  • First Nations University of Canada
  • Luther College
  • St. Thomas More College
  • University of Regina
  • University of Saskatchewan

Best Public Universities in Saskatchewan

  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Regina
  • St. Thomas more college

We will be opening your eyes to the uniqueness of the public universities in the province of Saskatchewan

  •   University of Saskatchewan

It is a Canadian public research university that was found and established on March 19, 1907. It is located on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River close to Saskatoon city, Saskatchewan province, Canada. Now there was a need to establish and incorporate a university for the province of Saskatchewan and the approval was passed on by the provincial legislature in 1907. On March 19, 1907 it was established to achieve the aim of providing higher education in all its branches and enabling all persons from any part of the world a chance and privilege to school in Canada.

It is the largest educational institution in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. It is also known for it’s addition to the agricultural system in Canada making them also able to have created several vaccines that has helped so most in the world at large.

For more information on university of Saskatchewan visit:

Best Public University in Regina

There is only one public university in the city of Regina and that university is:

  • University of Regina

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Colleges are in the City of Regina?

There are only two colleges in the city of Regina. The two colleges are
Campion college at the university of Regina
Luther college (also in federation with the university of Regina)

How many Universities are in Saskatchewan?

Based on our research, there are only two universities in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and they are:
University of Saskatchewan which is located in the province of Saskatchewan
University of Regina which is located in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan province, Canada

Is Saskatchewan a Good Place for International Students?

Yes of course. Saskatchewan is a good place for international student because all the universities and colleges were formed to bring oneness and make the world a better place.

Final Note

The University of Regina happens to be the only best public university in the city of Regina though it has other federated colleges and university attached to it. That indeed is the uniqueness of the schools in Regina.

We have seen that Regina is a great place to leave and also study as an international student. They have their arms opened in love to welcome international students and works

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