Top 20 Best Private Schools In Montreal

Best Private Schools In Montreal

Best Private Schools In Montreal-Sometimes, it can be taxing for parents to sought-out the best schools for their kids and they will be forced to look at a lot of factors before they would be able to come up with the school they feel is right for their kids.

Well, we are going to do our best to make this decision easy for you. In this post, we are going to be talking about the best private schools in Montréal and so if you are living in Montréal and you are looking for some the best private schools in the city where you can enroll your kids, this post has got you covered.

But before we delve into the article proper, let’s talk a little about Montréal…

About Montreal

Montreal is the second most populous city in Canada after Toronto and it is the most populous city in the French-speaking province Québec. This city was found in 1642 as Ville-Marie or “City of Mary”.

The city is centered on the Island of Montreal.

As of 2021, Montréal had a population of about 1,762,949 and a metropolitan population of 4,291,732 which makes it the second-largest city and the second-largest metropolitan area in the Great White North.

Its official language is French and in 2021, it was spoken at home by 59.1% of the population and 69.2% in the Montréal Census Metropolitan Area.

Montreal is also one of the most bilingual cities in Quebec and Canada with 58.5% of the population able to speak both English and French.

Montreal remains an important centre of commerce, transport, finance, pharmaceutical, technology, design, education, art, culture, tourism, food, fashion etc.

List Of Private Schools In Montréal

Here is a list of all the private schools in Montréal:

  • Alexander von Humboldt German International School
  • Bishop’s College School (Co-Ed)
  • Centennial Academy (Co-Ed)
  • Champlain College Saint-Lambert (Co-Ed)
  • College International Mont-Tremblant (Co- Ed)
  • College Norte-Dame (Co-Ed)
  • College Prep International (Co-Ed)
  • Greaves Adventist Academy (Co-Ed)
  • Kells Academy (Co-Ed)
  • Kuper Academy (Co-Ed)
  • Lower Canada College (Co-Ed)
  • Loyola High School  (Co-Ed)
  • Marianopolis College (Co-Ed)
  • Marie-Claire Academy (All Girls)
  • Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School (All Girls)
  • North Star Academy (Co-Ed)
  • Priory School (Co-Ed)
  • Queen of Angels Academy (All Girls)
  • Selwyn House School (All Boys)
  • St George’s School of Montreal (Co-Ed)
  • The Sacred Heart School of Montreal (All Girls)
  • The Study (All Girls)
  • Trafalgar School of Girls (All Girls)
  • Villa Maria (All Girls)
  • Villa Sainte-Marcellines & College International des Marcellines (Co-Ed)
  • West Island College (Co-Ed)

Best Private Schools in Montreal

Here, we will be looking at the best private schools in Montréal based on some criteria like academic rankings, environment, acceptance rate, tuition fees, and notable alumni.

  • Centennial Academy
  • St George’s School of Montreal
  • The Sacred Heart School of Montreal
  • College Prep International
  • Loyola High School
  • Kells Academy
  • Lower Canada College

  • St George’s School of Montreal

This is notably one of the best private schools in Montréal and it was established in 1930. The school is located at 3100 The Boulevard, Montreal, QC and it is a Co-Educational school with grades secondary 1-5.

Its main role is offering top quality education and its students are actively involved in their education, participating in activities and programs that promotes and aid academic success with a versatile curriculum that encourages students to explore and make investigations that turns them into becoming critical and creative thinkers.

The school has highly committed and dedicated staffs and also a student advisory program that enables students to communicate daily with faculty mentors which always keep track of each student’s progress.

The tuition fee for St George’s School of Montreal is around CA$17,283 to CA$21,834 and it has a school size of around 450 students.

For more information about St George’s School of Montreal, visit:

  • The Sacred Heart School of Montreal

This is an all-girls school that was established in 1861. It is one of the oldest private schools in Montréal, Quebec. It is the only all-girls English Catholic high school (grades 7 to 11) and also has boarding. It is located at 3635 Atwater Ave, Montreal, QC.

The school has its core values dedicated to the Girl Child education and it has been providing education for the girl children for over decades. It has a mandate of nurturing the mind, body and spirit of each student in a supportive and caring environment.

It has small class sizes which mean that teachers and students can interact on a personal level. The school offers an intensive French program and an accelerated extensive math program and also a rich range of subjects from arts and drama to science and astronomy.

The tuition fee for the Sacred Heart School of Montreal is around CA$18,500 for day and CA$38,485 for boarding. It has a school size of 365 students both day and boarding.

For more information about the Sacred Heart School of Montreal, visit the official website: or call 514-937-2845

  • Lower Canada College

This is a co-educational private school for students in kindergarten through to grade 12. The college was established in 1861 and it is located at 4090 Royal Avenue, Montreal, QC.

It is seen as one of the most reputable schools in Montreal and it boasts of allowing students to discover what they can be by expanding its academic borders and curriculum activities to cover areas that develop the potentials of students. With this, students are able to learn about different cultures, lifestyle and ways of thinking which assists in the development of mind and body.

The tuition fee of Lower Canada College is around CA$18,000 to CA$24,384 and there are also some financial assistance like scholarships and bursaries that the school offers to students. The school size is around 750 students.

For more information about the Lower Canada College, visit: or contact 514-482-9916.

  • Centennial Academy

This is an independent English and French high school that was established in 1969. It is a co-educational school for grade 7 to 11. The school is located at 2075 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec.

Centennial Academy is focused on helping students to master their learning challenges and overcome academic anxieties and fears. They help to boost the confidence of their students through a supportive, inclusive, close-knit community.

Some of the benefits the Centennial Academy offers are:

  • Highly-trained faculty
  • 18-20 students per class
  • Diverse teaching strategies
  • Specialized support services
  • Direct instruction on learning strategies
  • Organizational training
  • Leadership and community service programs
  • Supervised homework period built in to the regular school day
  • Bilingual learning environment

The tuition fee is around CA$19,950 and it has a school size of around 600 students.

Most Expensive Private Schools In Montréal

  • Sacred Heart School of Montreal – CA$17,355 to CA$62,797
  • Kells Academy – CA$17,300 to CA$35,384
  • North Star Academy – CA$12,304 to CA$31,948
  • Selwyn House School – CA$20,850 to CA$26,990
  • The Study – CA$22,860 to CA $25,810
  • Lower Canada College –  CA$17,625 to CA$22,485
  • Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School – CA$19,050 to CA$22,160
  • St. George School of Montreal – CA$17,390 to CA$21,217
  • Priory School – CA$18,626 to CA$20,360
  • Centennial Academy – CA$19,950

Oldest Private Schools In Montreal

  • Sacred Heart School of Montreal – 1861
  • Loyola High School – 1896
  • Selwyn House School – 1901
  • Lower Canada College – 1909
  • Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School – 1909
  • The Study – 1915
  • St. George’s School of Montreal  – 1930
  • College Prep International – 1944
  • Priory School – 1947
  • Centennial Academy – 1969

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the private schools in Montréal good?

Yes. The private schools in Montréal offers top quality education and they are ranked among the best schools in Montréal and Québec.

How many high schools are there in Montréal?

There are about 16 high schools in Montréal which makes it the largest English School Board in Quebec.

What is the most expensive private school in Montréal?

The most expensive private school in Montréal is the Sacred Heart School of Montreal as its tuition fee is around CA$17,355 to CA$62,789 with an average tuition of CA$39,485 per year. It is also the oldest private school in Montréal.

Final Note

After extensive research, we have been able to come up with comprehensive information about the best private schools in Montréal. These schools we listed in the article offer top quality education to their students and they are not just the best in Montréal but also in Quebec and Canada.

Ensure that you visit the schools’ website to get more information about the school and see how you can enroll you kids.

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