Boozyn’s privacy policy comes from, and one of our most important priorities is visitor ethics. This privacy coverage document includes course information accumulated and recorded through 
If you have any other questions, if you need more statistics about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.
 This privacy protection scope helps our online activities and is effective for the traffic of shared logs and collects them on This report does not follow any information accumulated through this website or channel.


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Data collected.

 The reason you asked to provide and the reason you asked to provide, these factors tell you what non-public information you asked you to provide.
 If you talk to us directly, we will get more information through your name, email address, mobile phone number, message content, you can send it to us, because you can get more information and provide other statistics that you can choose. 
How do we use your information? 
We use the records we collect in various ways.
 I. Our website is provided, operated and maintained. Our website
 II. has been improved, personalized and expanded.
Iii. Understand and analyze how you use our website 
IV. Develop new products, services, functions and general performance 
V. Update directly or our partners to the website and other data, as well as different information for marketing and advertising purposes, each of our partners and the two partners of our partners 

Vi. Send an email email through their chat with you
 vii. Find and avoid spam.

 log files Follow the universal machine to use log files. These files record what happens when visitors visit the website. All custodians do this and analyze custodial services. Logs with log files help to cover Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date, time stamp, reference page \\\\ \\ \/ exit page, and click-through rate. These have nothing to do with the information you might learn from me. The motivation of the events is to observe trends, manage website management, show customer movements on Internet websites and accumulate demographic information.

Cookie and internet beacon is a cookie and Internet beacon similar to These cookies are used to buy data on traffic preferences, holiday visits or web page statistics on the websites visited. Statistical data is used to personalize the content of the community’s Internet web pages according to the type of browser and visitor information and to optimize user exit.

 Advertising and marketing partner 

privacy policies may ask for suggestions from this list, and you can find the privacy coverage of each advertising partner on
 Third-party ad servers or ad networks use applied science, such as cookies, JavaScript, or Beacons. This is used for every business and hyperlink displayed on This will be sent to the user’s browser immediately. When this happens, they will get a regular IP solution. These applied sciences measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and are used to customize the documentation of advertising content tested on the websites you visit.
 Please note that has not yet received these cookies nor has it entered the control of these cookies used by 0.33 celebration advertisers.

Third Party Privacy Protection other advertisers and websites no longer comply with privacy policies. Therefore, it is recommended to request more accurate data from each private report from these 0.33 birthday party ad servers. In addition, you can mask the customs and indicators of high-quality selection options. 
You can choose to disable cookies when you use your private browser option. To learn about other real information about cookie management, please use a specific Internet browser, which you can find on each browsers website. 

CCPA privacy rights 

under CCPA (they don’t sell my private information), California customers have some great things. 
Companies that collect private consumption records require permission for their categories and their own public data and unique fact categories. Enterprises have accumulated consumers. 
The company is required to process personal data about customers accumulated through customers. Companies that sell private consumer data require them to stop entering non-public customer data. 
If you make a request, we have one month to respond to you. 
If you agree to imply one of these rights, please contact us.

 GDPR de facto protection.

 We want to confirm that, in fact, you fully understand all your safety. All users are as follows:
 We may request a low price for this service. Suitable for organization—You are excellent because we are considering it. In addition, we have the right to demand that we consider all institutions to be incomplete. Applies to erasure—- You have the right to erase private data under certain conditions. 
Title In order to prevent from being processed, you can meet a large prerequisite and ask us to intervene in the processing of your private information. 
You have the right to object to the personal data of the system in accordance with the appropriate regulations for the management of the object of processing. 
Suitable for recording Portability–  Suitable for the transfer of the information we obtain to other companies or at the same time under current conditions. 
If you make a request, we have one month to respond to you. If you want to imply any of these rights, please contact us. 

Child records.

Another part of our priority is the safety of young people when using the Internet. We encourage their parents to observe, participate, and take them to show and promote their online activities