Best Place To Live In Canada For Nigerian Immigrants

Best Place To Live In Canada For Nigerian Immigrants

Best Place To Live In Canada For Nigerian Immigrants-It is no news that Canada is the top destination for immigrants from around the world and Nigerians are no exception. Canada is seen as one of the best countries in the world to immigrate to and this is because of the lots of job and business opportunities in the country and also the relaxed immigration policy of the country. Nigerians constitute a high number of immigrants in Canada just like India and China.

If you are a Nigerian and you are looking to immigrate to Canada, there are some wonderful places we would recommend that you stay in and this is because these places are seen as the best places to live in Canada.

These places we would be talking about in this article are seen as the economic drivers of the country and so there are a lot of opportunities that comes with living and working in these provinces.

There are about 13 provinces and territories in Canada but these provinces do not offer you the same benefits and opportunities. Canada is no doubt one of the top countries of the world but to enjoy life in Canada, you will have to stay in the commercial and bubbling parts of the country.

So in the post, we will be discussing the best places to live in Canada for Nigerian immigrants.

List Of Provinces In Canada

Here we will be listing out all the provinces and territories that make up the country called Canada.

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland
  • Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan

Best Provinces In Canada For Nigerian Immigrants

These provinces we will be talking about here are known as the commercial and well known provinces in Canada. There are a lot of job and business opportunities in these provinces and so if you are a Nigerian looking for greener pastures in Canada, you would want to live in these provinces.

Also, international students are not left out as these provinces are home for some of the best universities and colleges in Canada and also in the world at large.

These provinces are:

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Quebec
  • Alberta
  • Nova Scotia

  • Ontario

This is the most popular province for immigrants that are coming to Canada. It is located in central Canada. Report has it that half of the new Canadian permanent residents that came to Canada in 2021 were received in Ontario.

Ontario is the home for the most populous city in Canada, Toronto and it is also one of the most commercial cities in the country. Toronto is one of the world’s most urban and multicultural cities with over half of its people being members of a visible minority group.

It is also the home for Canada’s capital city, Ottawa which is the safest city in Canada to live.

The economy in Ontario has a great effect on the national GDP generating about 37% mainly manufacturing skill in some particular fields. Ontario is said to be the home of about 50% of all employees in financial services, high tech, engineering and scientist and other knowledge-intensive industries.

The principal language in Ontario is English and so as a Nigerian, you will be able to adapt and settle in easily.

  • British Columbia

This province is located on the Western Coast of Canada and it is known for its beautiful natural landscape. It is the second most popular province in Canada where foreign immigrants relocate to according to reports in 2021 and it is a wonderful place to live in as it has a mild temperature.

The most popular city in British Columbia is Vancouver and it is located on the Pacific coast of Canada. It has a wonderful ocean and Mountain View and it has an amazing art scene.

The capital city of British Columbia is Victoria and it is the second most popular city in the province. If you are looking to enjoy the outdoor scene on a low-key level, you can move to Victoria.

British Columbia is more preferred to live in because of its temperature during the winter. The temperature during the winter is moderate and the coastal regions of British Columbia have some of the mildest winters.

The economy of the province is diverse and covers largely by service industries. The main industries that have helped the economy in British Columbia are construction, high technology, mining, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

  • Quebec

This is the largest province in Canada and it is popular for French language. It is the third most popular province in Canada for foreign immigrants. Although Quebec is a French-speaking province, its government provides adequate protections and services for the English-speaking population in the province.

The most popular city in Quebec is Montreal and it is the third most populous city in Canada. it is usually seen as Canada most cultural city and if you are interested in films, comedy and music, this is a place for you to live in.

The capital city of Quebec is Quebec City and it has a striking balance between culture, history, modernity and nature. The city offers a lot of activities, engagements and attractions you would love.

Quebec’s economy is diverse and largely covered by the manufacturing and service industries. The province also invest in research developments in industries like food and nutrition, green and smart buildings, information and communication technology, life science and health technologies, electronic and optics-photonics and more this has helped the growth of the economy of Quebec.

  • Alberta

This is the fourth most popular province in Canada for immigrants and it is located in Western Canada. It is the home for some of the most popular natural attractions in Canada like the Rock Mountains, Dinosaur Provincial Park etc.

It is the oil producing province of Canada as a large percent of the oil produced by Canada comes from Alberta.

It is home for Calgary and Edmonton which are the fourth and fifth most populous cities in Canada. Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and it is popular for hosting the famous Calgary exhibition and stampede which happens to be one of the world largest outdoor rodeos.

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta and it host Canada’s largest planetarium. The city hosts over 30 festivals every year.

Alberta has the largest industry in oil and gas sector in the country and the tax rate in the province is low compared to other provinces in Canada.

  • Nova Scotia

This is one of the Atlantic Provinces in Canada and it is the most popular and populous Atlantic Province in Canada. Most of the populations are native English speakers and the population is around 969,383 according to the 2021 Census.

It is the second-most densely populated province in Canada and the second-smallest province by area.

The capital city and largest municipality of Nova Scotia is Halifax and it is home for over 45% of the province’s population. It is the thirteen-largest census metropolitan area in Canada.

Halifax is ranked fourth in the world for Destinations on the Rise by TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth relocating to Canada from Nigeria?

If you are a Nigerian and you are looking for greener pastures, Canada offers you a lot of opportunities. Canada is the top destination for a lot of immigrants presently as it offer better standard of living, low cost of living, better healthcare system, top quality education, security and world-class economy as compared to Nigeria.

Which Province In Canada Has More Job Opportunities For Foreign Immigrants?

All provinces in Canada have job opportunities for foreign immigrants but most comes with an exception. So the province of Ontario is the most popular for foreign immigrants and also has the best places to find jobs in Canada.

Which province is the best to live and work in?

The best provinces in Canada to live and work in are:
British Columbia
Nova Scotia

What Is The Happiest Province In Canada?

The happiest province in Canada though not among the popular provinces in Canada is New Brunswick.

Final Note

Canada in the past years has beaten world records as one of the most popular country in the embassies of other countries all over the world this is because of 80% of immigrants are being given visa once they apply for Canadian visa.

Now we have shown you the beauty and the uniqueness of the provinces in Canada. Now it is in your hands to choose any of the provinces that best fit you.

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