Top 15 Best Military Schools In Canada

Best Military Schools In Canada

Best Military Schools In Canada-If you are reading this article it means that you are planning to apply and enroll in a military school in Canada? Well you are on the right article as we will be showing you the best military schools in Canada where you can get the best quality education in and discipline also.

Canada happens have some of the best military schools in the world and it is one of most peaceful nations in the world also. Canada has shown so much love to many countries in the world going through war and different kind of disasters but humanly and naturally.

In choosing a military you want to enroll in it all falls down to what you want in terms of educational excellence and also the cost that is the overall cost. As a parent you might be in need of a military school in order to find the right discipline for your child and also helping them have the boldness requires to survive in the society.

As we help you explore the best military schools in Canada you will see that the various military schools in Canada are diverse and each having its own uniqueness in terms of function and characteristics.

Considerations before Choosing a Military School

  • In choosing a military school you are to consider what exactly you want to achieve in term of the experience.
  • You will have to look at the discipline and structure cause the discipline and structure in a military school is very different from other schools and also their structure is very different from other schools.
  • One need to consider cost of schooling in a military school and also if you want to be a day student or a boarding school student.

Advantages of Attending a Military School in Canada

Canada happens to be the home of some of the best military schools in the world and these gives them unique advantages over other military schools in the world.

  • It will help you in leadership skill development
  • It will help increase your level of discipline
  • It teaches and helps you learn how to successfully work with others as a team
  • It offers a world class education value and system
  • It gives you the privilege to serve the nation Canada

List of Military Schools in Canada

  • Fishburne Military School
  • Camden Military Academy
  • Army and Navy Academy
  • Missouri Military Academy
  • Hargrave Military Academy
  • Fork Union Military Academy
  • St. John’s Northwestern Academies
  • Marine Military Academy
  • Massanutten Military Academy
  • New York Military Academy
  • Riverside Military Academy
  • New Mexico Military Institute
  • Southern Preparatory Academy
  • Oak Ridge Military Academy
  • Robert Land Academy
  • Valley Forge Military Academy
  • Randolph-Macon Academy

Best Military Schools in Canada

  • Robert Land Academy
  • Canadian Army Command and Staff College
  • Royal Military College of Canada
  • Canadian Forces College
  • Royal Military College Saint-Jean
  • Randolph-Macon Academy
  • Royal Naval College of Canada

  • Robert Land Academy

The Robert Land Academy is located in west Lincoln, Ontario, Canada. It is the one of most highly regarded military academies in Canada and it is also the only non-university-level private military academy.

It is a private military boarding school for boys only and it was founded in the year 1978. It operates on for grade 5 the last year of elementary school to grade 12 the last year of high school which allows only an average of 160 students enrolled at the academy during one school year.

In Robert Land Academy All the students that are enrolled lives in military-style dormitories which is located on-campus throughout the school year and all the barracks dormitories are named after famous military figures in pre-Con federation in the history of Canada, such as Major–General Isaac Brook (Leader of British Forces at the Battle of Queenston Heights during the war of 1812), Major john Butler ( leader of the irregular militia regiment named after him, Butler Rangers, formed for service in the American Revolutionary War), and Joseph Brant (1743 -1807) who was a Mohawk Military and political leader who was closely associated with great Britain during and after the American Revolution.

Robert Land Academy pays a tuition fee of CAD$ 58,000 for each school year.

For more information on Robert Land Academy visit:

  • Canadian Army Command and Staff College

The Canadian Army Command and Staff College is located at the fort Frontenac, in Kingston city, Ontario, Canada. It was formerly the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College. It is a school for all Canadian forces officers, army operations courses and specializing in staff.

Canadian Army Command and Staff College focus in personnel management and military strategy charged with developing officers in the army to perform staff and command functions in war.

The follow are courses offered at Canadian Army Command and Staff College:

  • Unit Command Team Course (UCTC)
  • Information Management Officer (IMO) Course
  • Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP)
  • Primary Reserve Army Operations Course (P Res AOC)
  • Army Operations Course (AOC)
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • Primary Reserve Unit Command Team Course (P Res UCTC)
  • Joint Tactical Targeting Course (JTTC)
  • Collateral Damage Estimation Course (CDEC)

For more information on Canadian Army Command and Staff College Visit:

  • Royal Military College of Canada

The Royal Military College of Canada is located in the city of Kingston, province of Ontario, Canada. It is a military academy and in 1959, it became a degree–granting university of the Canadian armed forces.

Royal Military College of Canada established and founded in the year 1876 and currently it is the one and only federal institution in Canada with degree–grant powers. This was granted by the government of Ontario who empowered the royal military collage to confer degrees in the science, engineering and arts through the royal military college of Canada degrees Act, 1959.

Programs offered at the Royal Military College of Canada are for both undergraduate and graduate levels.

The degree courses offers at the Royal Military of College Canada are:

  • Faculty of Arts: Humanities (English, French, or History), Social Science (History, Politics and Economics), Military and Strategic Studies, Business Administration, Military Psychology and Leadership
  • Faculty of Engineering: Aeronautical Engineering, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Faculty of Science: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Space Science.
  • Faculty of Continuing Studies: Continuing Studies Division – RMC Saint-Jean Graduate Studies and Research
  • Applied Military Science: Land Force Technical Staff Programme (LFTSP), Army Technical Warrant Officer’s Programme

For more information on Royal Military College of Canada visit:

  • Canadian Forces College

The Canadian Forces College is located in the city of Toronto, the province of Ontario, Canada. It is a military college that was established first in 1943 by the royal Canadian air force war staff college.

Canada Forces College is a military school for general and senior officers of the Canadian armed forces. The college offers graduate level military educational courses to help officers to effectively provide leadership within the Canadian forces in the whole of Canada’s government framework.

The following are the course offered at the Canadian Forces College:

  • Canadian Security Studies Programme (CSSP)
  • National Security Programme (NSP)
  • Executive Leaders’ Programme (ELP)
  • Joint Staff Operations Programme (JSOP)
  • Joint Command and Staff Programme Distance Learning (JCSP    DL)
  • Joint Command and Staff Programme (JCSP)

For more information on the Canadian forces college visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Military School?

A military school or a service academy is said to be an academic or educational institution that prepares candidates for service in the officer corps. Military schools also trains individuals for careers in the military as army officers, some also offers college education.

What Are The Requirements To Enroll In A Military School In Canada?

Firstly you must be a citizen of Canada or permanent residence
Must be at the age of 16 years or above at the time of nomination and must be approved by a single parent who has the authority as a parent.
Must meet all the medical standard for enrollment
All pre-enrollment tests must be passed
Must have all the required educational certificates
70% is the minimum requirement for all academic courses.

Final Note

Canada is a best place to enroll for a military as it gives you several privileges and opportunities to serve the Canadian nation. So we have complied the best military schools in Canada both high schools and college (who offers college degrees) and also have shared the requirements needed. So pick one of the best military schools listed and enroll in.

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