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Glendon Overseas Scholarships

Foreign students have fewer opportunities for scholarships and honors, so you should plan to support yourself throughout your time at York. There is no award application that necessarily indicates that you are automatically evaluated for scholarships that do not require a registration.

Complete the Foreign Student Scholarship & Award Application as soon as possible for awards that need an application. By February 1, 2022, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time, the registration will be closed.

Students from the United States: You may be able to use your federally subsidized FAFSA loans to help you pay for school at Glendon Campus. The FAFSA code for York University is G07679.

The Registration That’s  Required For York Global Scholarships

Except for the Tentanda Via Award (which must be specifically selected on the registration form to be considered), by submitting the Foreign Student Scholarship & Award Application, you will be regarded for the scholarships listed below:

These awards and honors are given to students who have a strong academic record and who have demonstrated leadership via community service or artistic or athletic achievement.

York entry grants and scholarships are available to those who do not have an offer of admission. The Glendon global prizes have been announced by York University.  Registration for the academic year 2022-2023 is now being accepted.

Possibilities for hands-on learning to help you succeed in your job. Our programs provide the greatest available training to assure your success. You will gain a well-rounded academic background as well as in-demand skills for today’s society, such as critical analysis, research, and communication.

Most of our courses also contain an interactive and immersive component, allowing you to gain hands-on experience or learn about different cultures throughout the world.

Improve your language skills.

You have to improve your language skill with the (Glendon multilingual, bilingual and  trilingual programs) which represent Canada’s culture varieties while pursuing your global perspective.

Each year at Glendon, you will take one or more programs in another language. Although we encourage language study, many of our programs do not need bilingualism. To be assigned in the most suitable level, all of our students complete assessment tasks in one of Canada’s official languages.

What if I told you that And if you’re a complete beginner in one of Canada’s official languages, you can only be expected to attend 4 hours of language classes per week while at Glendon.

How learning a foreign language opens up a lot of possibilities:

Employers today are looking for bilingual employees. Bilingual employees in Canada earn 18 to 20% more on average than non-bilingual employees. Speaking a second language also improves your memory, problem-solving, and multitasking abilities.

It’s A smaller campus with a beautiful heart.

Glendon warmly welcomes students who desire to make an impact on society in the future, whether they are from here or elsewhere in the world. And we believe students deserve our dedication in order to make those dreams a reality.

Glendon gives you every possibility to have a bright future, no matter who you are! Awards for Students at Home Glendon Global Scholarships for 2022-23 at York University in Canada.

At York University in Canada, Glendon Global Awards are available for all Subjects from 2022-23 at “York University” and its for Undergraduate and  International Students in Canada.

Description of their scholarship:

Overseas Students can apply for Glendon Global Scholarships at York University in Canada for the academic year 2022-2023. Undergraduate level program(s) in the discipline of All Subjects taught at York University are eligible for the award. The award deadline is February 1, 2022.

Level of Education: Degree

Glendon Global Scholarships at York University, Canada 2022-23 are available to study at York University at the undergraduate level. And subjects that are available includes all Subjects

This unique grant will be given to new foreign students who apply to YorkU’s Glendon campus for an undergraduate program. This prize is worth between $5,000 and $10,000. Applicants accepted into the applied course at YorkU will be eligible for this registration.

York Institution is a public research institution  that ranked (19th) in Canada. It is working to achieve its stated goals of excellence in research and teaching in pure, applied, and professional fields, where they push the boundaries and structures of learning while cultivating critical thinking.

What are the benefits of attending York University?

Professors that are pioneering the future of global health, solid business solutions, and much more teach York University students. Students can pursue a double major or register in blended courses, allowing them to integrate diverse fields of study.

The deadline for submitting an application is: By March 1, 2022, registrations for these applications should be submitted.

A short description  of the Award

The Institution : York University Glendon Campus

Their Department is:  (NA)

Course: Undergraduates and $10,000 is their award prize that will be presented in Canada which is given once and their access mode is online and available to foreign students.

Who is Eligible

All foreign students are eligible to apply.

You can apply to any undergraduate degree at York University

The criterias for eligibility:

  • Candidates must meet all of the following/given requirements to be considered: Students must be applying to York University’s Glendon Campus.
  • The candidates must be incoming foreign students in the applied program at YorkU’s Glendon campus. You will receive a 9-digit York registration number within 5 business days after applying for enrollment to York.
  • To study in Canada, you must be an international student who requires a Study Permit. You must have applied to a York Institution undergraduate degree course that starts in the fall of 2022.
  • The York University applicants must have applied immediately from high school, within two years of completion, and have no prior institution or college courses.
  • Should have an outstanding academic record with an “A” grade or higher.
  • Should have shown leadership by volunteerism, community work, or success in the arts, sports, or even other areas of individual achievements.
  • Their high school must recommend them and the schools may nominate only one student for (The Global Entrance Award of Distinction, Global Leader of Tomorrow Award, International Circle of Scholars Scholarships, York University Academic Excellence Scholarships) etc. These awards will all be considered for the recommended student.
  • Applicants must communicate with their school guidance counselor, principal, or management about the York Foreign Student Scholarship & Award Application and acquire proof that they are the student who has been recommended from that school.
  • The applicant must then fill out the application form with the nominator’s name, position, e-mail address, and phone number. One letter of recommendation must be uploaded and also ensure that all essential documents in the York registration are marked as “Completed and Received.”

How to succeed in your Application

Students should apply for admission either through the school portal or through the (OUAC) portal. Those interested should complete the registration form. And for the supporting Documents, The students must submit their official transcript at York University when applying.

Below is the Requirements for their Admission:

The applicants must meet all of the university’s entrance standards. And

Students must submit their results from the following English language proficiency tests below:

The (IBT TOEFL – 83

TESTCAN – 4 CAEL – 70 TFI – 785 IELTS – 6.5 PTE – 60 TCF – B2 TEF – B2 DELF – B2 DALF – C1 or C2)

The benefits of this YorkU award is that the student will receive ($5,000$10,000) to foreign students who are selected for their studies.


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