Top 15 Best Driving Schools In Hamilton

Driving Schools in Hamilton

Best Driving Schools In Hamilton-Are you looking for the best driving schools in Hamilton? This article will open you up to the very best schools in Hamilton and you will see the beauty of driving in the wonderful city.

Hamilton is one of the cities in Ontario Canada. It is a port city in the Ontario with a population of over 550,000. Hamilton is approximately 45 kilometers southwest in miles it is 25miles southwest of the city of Toronto in the greater Toronto and Hamilton area.

The economy of Hamilton is driven by the steel and heavy manufacturing industries. Though many other sectors has help grow the local economy of Hamilton service sectors like, science and health.

Hamilton happens to be the home of so many beautiful and unique places in Ontario Canada and also the home of some of the best Canadian universities and colleges such as McMaster University, Redeemer University and Mohawk College. It is also the home of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, royal botanical gardens and Bruce trail.

Driving in Hamilton is fun as it happens to be one of the best cities in Ontario and a city that is close to the most popular city in Ontario Canada which is Toronto.

List of Driving Schools in Hamilton

  • Elite Driving School
  • First Class Driving School
  • Hamilton Driving School INC
  • Westdale Driving School INC
  • M&M Driving Training
  • G-Class Drivers Hamilton Mountain Driving School
  • G1G2 Driving School Hamilton
  • Academy Driving Unipol
  • Ontario Truck Driving School
  • Young Drivers Of Canada
  • Driving School / Defensive Driving Course
  • Transport Training Centres Of Canada
  • Young Drivers
  • U-Need Driving School
  • Gurshawn’s Driving School
  • Drivewell Canada
  • Niel’s Driving School
  • Amir Driving Lessons
  • Sam’s Driving School
  • A1 Academy Of Driving
  • Balford’s Driving School
  • Selbak Driving School
  • Gill Driving School
  • Tri-County Training
  • Faithful Driving School
  • Ivor Trans-Trucking School
  • Dynasty Driving School
  • Modern Training Centre
  • Glendale Driving School

Best Driving Schools in Hamilton

  • Hamilton driving school INC
  • G1G2 Driving School Hamilton
  • G-Class Drivers Hamilton Mountain Driving school
  • Elite driving school
  • First class driving school
  • Hamilton pro drivers
  • Ultimate drivers
  • International driving school
  • Gen-Z driving school
  • Academy of driving

  • Elite Driving School

This driving school is located at 2372 Barton St E, Hamilton, Ontario L8E 2W7, Canada. Elite driving school has been fully approved by the ministry of transportation to teach accurate driving skills. Each year elite driving school boast of thousands of students who enrolls and are thought properly the skills needed for driving.

Elite driving school teaches their students the defensive driving techniques that will make them safe and skilled drivers at the end of the driving training program. It is known for it is professional driving training which is top notch and well-constructed. Newbies or novice drivers can use the driving training program to become confident driver and help them drive safe as the driving training program comes with a lot of helpful information and instructions.

At the end of the day elite driving school helps students to have the needed knowledge required to pass the Ministry of transportation road test at the end of the course.

For more information on elite driving school visit:

  • Hamilton Driving School INC

This driving school is located at NO. 1050 Upper James St, Hamilton, Ontario L9C 3A9, Canada. Hamilton Driving School offers a very rich and conducive learning atmosphere for students. Its special teaching techniques assist students in easing into the world of driving. Due to their commitment and passion to providing for its students’ driving needs, Hamilton Driving School has ranked the leader in the area of driving education.

Hamilton Driving School helps provide a well customized practical on –the –road training and also in –class educational experiences to helping novice drivers improve their driving skills and gain the best understanding of the rules in driving and on the road.  It also promotes responsible and safe driving for other road users and for the institution itself.

For more information on Hamilton Driving School visit:

  • G-Class Drivers Hamilton Mountain Driving School

This school is located at NO. 1157 Rymal Rd #5, Hamilton, Ontario L8W 3M6, Canada.  G-Class Drivers Hamilton Mountain Driving School is proud of its high educational and training standards. All driving programs in G-Class Drivers Hamilton mountain driving school is registered, approved and recognized by the Ministry of Transportation.

Hamilton offers a one of the best driving programs so you will not experience any form of regrets as you complete all the requirements for fully graduating licensure or renew of your license. Also G-Class Drivers Hamilton Mountain Driving School holds the readers choice diamond winners 2022, 2012 and they also hold the readers choice gold award 2011, these are the two awards G-Class Drivers Hamilton Mountain Driving School holds.

For more information on G-Class Drivers Hamilton Mountain Driving School visit:

  • First Class Driving School

This driving school is located at NO. 640 Upper St. James , Hamilton, Ontario L9C 2Z2, Canada. First Class Driving School has an incredible reputation of providing for over 35 years first class drivers training program to Hamilton and other areas close to Hamilton having a well rich and professional teachers, an excellent service and a ministry approved BDE course provider.

First Class Driving School has in number two (2) unique and amazing classroom sites and also the best teachers whose jobs are to teach the most recent and up-to-date materials important to daily driving. They have very handy and informative driving lessons because they always pick you up and drop you off at your desired location, provided that it is within their service area.

For more information on First Class Driving School visit:

  • M&M Driver Training

This driving school is located at NO. 1638 Upper James St. #203, Hamilton, Ontario L9B 1K4. M&M Driver Training help prepare novice drivers by first teaching them the fundamentals of driving in a classroom setting.

All the driving courses M&M Driver Training offers is fully recognized and approved by the ministry of transportation and also has been accredited and recognized by some insurance companies.

M&M Driver Training professional driving instructors are very patient and are ready to flow with the training schedules of the students to fitting their availability and also learning abilities.

For more information on M&M Driver Training visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost For A Driving School In Canada?

Canada has so many unique driving school schools spread across different parts of the nation. Averagely the cost of driving school in Canada is approximately $600, though it can range from $570 to $800. The cost is largely dependent on the driving school or institution and the package they offer as well as your choice of practice hours.

What Is The Best Driving School Car?

There are many cars used by different driving schools. Here are a few of those cars:
Kia Picanto (Mk3)
Toyota Aygo/Citroen C1/Peugeot 108.
Ford Fiesta (Mk7)
Renault ZOE.
Skoda Fabia (Mk3)
Citroen Nemo Multispace/Fiat Qubo/Peugeot Bipper Tepee.
Volkswagen up!/ SEAT Mii

Final Note

Hamilton is a nice place to start your driving experience in as it is one of the nicest cities in the province of Ontario. Driving in Hamilton will leave you with a lot of exciting moments.

So with our list of best driving schools you can pick the one that is best closed to your reach and start up an amazing wonderful driving career.

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