Top 25 Best Driving Schools in Calgary

Best Driving Schools in Calgary

Best Driving Schools in Calgary-Are you looking for the best driving schools in Calgary? This article will open you up to the very best schools in Calgary and you will see the beauty of driving in the wonderful city.

Calgary is one of the best cities in the province of Alberta. It is considered to be the largest city in the in the west region of Canada province of Alberta with a population of 1,306,784 and a metropolitan population of 1,481,806  this making it also the fifth largest metropolitan area in Canada and the third largest city in Canada.

The economy of the city of Calgary specializes on activity in the energy (oil and gas), transportation and logistics, aerospace, financial services, health and wellness, film and television, tourism and retail sector. This over the years has help grow speedily the economy of Calgary.

Calgary is one of the best cities in Canada where one can live because in the world it was ranked the third livable country and in Canada it ranks the first livable city and many dreams and achieving them, it is the highest paying city when it comes to wages and taxes are low in Calgary.

Driving is a skills every individual must have and it is one many people must make sure they learn. Driving is not just about the person driving but also about awareness and well-being of others on the road. It is a good idea and a very important one that you should enroll in a driving school that has what it takes in terms of good training to making sure that you are a safe driver. In most cases family members and friends may volunteer to offer you free training but it is nothing to be compared to receiving quality education from professional driving teachers.

List Of Driving Of Schools In Calgary

  • Universal Driving School
  • Proactive Driving School
  • Westhills Driving School
  • Derek Brown’s Academy Of Driving
  • Ama Drivers
  • AAA Point Driving School
  • Chinook Driving Academy
  • Frank Driving School
  • Medo Driving School
  • Blue Bird Driving School
  • Moxie Driving Academy
  • Moga Driving School
  • Quality Driving & Motorcycle School
  • Driver Training Center
  • I And J Driving School
  • Cochrane Driving Academy
  • Airdrie Motor Licensing
  • Safety In Motion Driving School
  • Calgary Driving School
  • One2One Driving School
  • Above All Safety Driving School
  • Younger Drivers Of Canada
  • Dynasty Driving School
  • Excel Driving School
  • Roadrunner Driving School
  • Apex Driving School
  • CTR Driving School
  • Choice Driving School
  • Southrail Driving Education
  • Jerry’s Crowfoot Drivers Education
  • Canadian Driving Institute
  • CCA Truck Driver Training
  • Veer Ji Driving School
  • Mckenzie Drivers Education
  • IFTS Driving School
  • International Driving Academy Limited
  • Certified Driver Testing North
  • Driving 101
  • Too Cool Motorcycle School
  • Punjab Driving Academy
  • Jonas Driving School
  • New Drivers Of Alberta
  • Driving2pass Driving School
  • Safeway Driving School
  • Motology School, INC
  • Stampede Driving School
  • Alberta Driving Consultants
  • Off –Road Adventure Academy
  • Alberta Driver Education & Training
  • A Class Driving School
  • Wheel Training Centre
  • Okotoks Driving Education
  • Dave’s Driving School
  • Labbaik Driving School
  • Tuscany Driving School
  • Wildrose Academy Of Driving
  • A1 Advance Driving School Calgary
  • Prestige Professional Driving School
  • Lukwenya Driving School
  • OMG Motorcycle Training
  • Star Drivers School
  • A-1 Professional Driving School
  • Ace Driving Academy
  • Jupiter Driving School
  • All-Star Driving School
  • Crosscity Driver Testing
  • First Alberta Driver Safety
  • Randy’s Driving School
  • Kootenay Driving Academy
  • Clover Leaf Driving School
  • BCA Driving Academy
  • Epic Driving School

Best Driving Schools In Calgary

  • IDrive Alberta Driving Education Inc.
  • Calagry driving school LTD
  • Roadrunner driving school
  • A proactive driving school
  • Punjab Driving Academy Calgary
  • Driving 101
  • My way academy
  • Ace driving academy
  • Derek brown’s academy of driving
  • Jonas truck driving school
  • Canadian professional driving school
  • One 2 One driving school LTD
  • Protrucker driving academy
  • Southrail driving school
  • A1 Advance driving school
  • Universal driving school
  • Above all safety driving school

  • Calgary Driving School LTD

This driving school is located at NO. 1518 Centre ST N #122, Calgary, Alberta T2E 2R9, Canada. Calgary Driving School was founded in the year 1956 by john Herbert.

Calgary Driving School offers unique trainings that enable students to become safe drivers and also help them understand and apply traffic safety. The school specializes in teaching both in the classroom and also in the car for well practical illustrations.

Calgary Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Calgary and has trained thousands of students over the years in becoming the best drivers in Calgary and it continues to do so even to the third generation.

For more information on Calgary Driving School visit:

  • Roadrunner Driving School

This driving school is located at NO. 1830 52 St SE unit 207, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Roadrunner Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Calgary because the driving or training instructors are high professionals and they are certified by Alberta transportation, and have a wealth of deep and unique knowledge in driving tactics.

Roadrunner Driving School is an authorized driving school and over the years has been in the business of educating students on how to safely and properly drive. Due to their classes and services, this unique school has been able to empower and still aiming to empower more individuals to become self-sufficient.

Roadrunner Driving School also provides in classroom lessons on driving rules and regulations and also pride in teaching each students suitable driving skills and habits so has for them to become responsible and safe drivers.

For more information on Roadrunner Driving School visit:

  • Driving 101

This driving school is located at NO. 1301 16 Ave NW, Calgary, Alberta T2M 0L4, Canada. Driving 101 is one of the unique driving schools that are intentional about delivering the best convenient and most beneficial education to people who want to learn how to drive and everything it takes to be on the road.

Driving 101 provides in-classroom education and driving lessons and also practical on-road education as they test the students’ ability before certifying them to hitting the road that is they indulge students with free mock exams.

It offers a reasonable and affordable price and making sure they strive to prove to their students that their money is worth the driving programs they offer.

For more information on Driving 101 visit:

  • A Proactive Driving School

This driving school is located at NO. 9620 Elbow Dr SW office #23A, Calgary, Alberta T2V 1M1, Canada. A Proactive Driving School was established in the year 2006 by Dragoslav Vujanovic.

A Proactive Driving School has professional driving instructors who are very patient, encouraging, and calm and also reassuring giving the students a conducive atmosphere for learning. The instructors spent their time to ensure and make it possible for students to be able to learn the most effective way available and possible and to help them become safe drivers.

The driving school offers training programs to making sure that students gain a high level of mastery and know driver’s safety. Students are also presented with the option of hiring the school’s vehicle and also one-hour brush-up course before the road test.

For more information on A Proactive Driving School visit:

  • My Way Academy

This driving school is located at NO. 5810 -2 ST SW Unit 201 Calgary, Alberta T2H 0H2, Canada. My Way Academy is one of the best driving schools in Calgary which is also a registered, approved and licensed driving school that aims to teach and offer their students the best driving training programs.

My Way Academy offers an in-classroom training to better lay emphasis and better teach the rules and regulations of driving and also practical on-road training to help students attain a level of confidence needed once they advance to the road proper.

My Way Academy have the best professional and certified driving instructors, which have dedicated themselves in providing a safe space for anyone to anyone who applies and who wants to learn how to properly drive.

For more information on My Way Academy visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Driving School Expensive In Calgary?

Driving schools in Calgary are very affordable and comes with also unique packages. The average price for a driving school in Calgary is $200 to $500. Though it is mostly dependent on the driving school and the price they off.

What Is The Best Time To Drive?

The best time to learn how to drive is at the time when the road is less busy and this is depending on when you live for week days you aim time should be late morning or mid-afternoon around the hours of 11am or 2pm.

Final Note

Driving can be a very interesting experience and unique one. So even if you are a first timer in driving or a novice driver or maybe you have stopped driving for some time and you need brush up, choosing a driving school is one of the priorities needed and many driving schools in Calgary are pocket friendly.

Schools which have reputable and recommendable knowledgeable instructors should be your focus also. So from our collection of best school in Calgary pick one that best suite you and start up your driving journey.

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