Dr. Guangwei Ouyang Globally Education Entrance Award, Canada 2022-23

Guangwei Ouyang Globally Education

Awards for Douglas Global Regional Entrance 2022-2023: Every year, Douglas College awards almost $100,000 in admission grants to new overseas students who have demonstrated academic success in their previous studies.

This Douglas Institution is presently accepting registration for scholarships during the (Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters). The Douglas students are qualified for continuous students recognition and athletic awards in addition to admission grants depending on their academic excellence throughout the year.

Scholarships for Douglas Global Regional Entrance | Categories

The following are the two types of admission scholarships available at Douglas Institution for theSummer semesters, Fall, and Winter which are:

[Regional Entrance Award: $1000 – 2000 and the Douglas Global Education]. So no  need for different registrations. When students apply to Douglas College, they will be properly assessed, and they will be advised of their award when we extend an offer of admission.

This scholarships are available to students from: CIS countries: Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal,Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine,Europe and Uzbekistan.

The Dr Guangwei Ouyang Global  Entrance Awards are offered by Douglas Institution and this scholarship program is offered for the academic year 2022-2023.

This Awards is only available to foreign students who are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at Douglas institution and will be awarded upon acceptance and recognition. This $2,500 grant is open to all international studies.

Dr Douglas Institution, ranked (84th) in Canada, and it’s British Columbia’s largest public degree-granting college, with the tagline [always do what you love and be good at it], It envisions a generation of global citizens who are adaptable, innovative, and capable of leading in the changing world. and their application will end: 31st January 2022.

A Brief Description of the Scholarship

The Institution is : Douglas Institution and the department is (NA). This Award of $2,500 is for Degree Level and both the Graduate and the Undergraduate are qualified. The number of Awards is (NA),  their access mode is Online. This award will be taking place in Canada and it’s open for both Domestic and International Students.

Level of Education Required:

Is Degree.

This Douglas College Dr. Guangwei Ouyang Overseas Students Entrance Award Canada 2022-23 is provided for both Undergraduate and Graduate degrees. And Subjects that are available include: All subjects. The Nationalities that are eligible are all Nations.

The Eligibility for these Awards are below:

  • The applicants should submit their registration to Douglas Institution.
  • The applicants should have a very strong academic record which involves school, community/ personal growth.
  • The Applicants must be seventeen (17) years of age or must have a high school diploma or a post-secondary diploma

The Procedures required for submitting the application:

>> The registration must be submitted separately on the exact date listed below.

>> Applicants must complete the admission Award form (PDF) and send it to Douglas International through email, together with all supported documents.

>> The students must have applied to Douglas College in order to be considered.

The School Application Instructions:

In order to qualify for this opportunity, Your registration for this admission must be through the institution’s student portal, m fill their registration form and make sure you submit before their deadline.

Documents that the University Supports:

The following documents that will be presented to the institution by the students are :

  • A valid passport/Visa
  • A Transcripts from you high school and college

The School Requirements for Admission:

The applicants must reach the age (17) and also passess either a high school diploma or the post-secondary diploma.

The applicants involved should submit their results from theses following English courses listed shown below:

The [PTE – 56, TOEFL IBT – 83, IELTS – 7.0, IELTS – 7.0, IELTS – 7.0, IELTS – 7.0, IELTS – 7.0, CAEL – 60 Duolingo – 110].

The Benefits of this Scholarship:

>> The chosen applicants will receive $2,500 to start their studies at Dr. Douglas Institution in any program they selected.

>> Applicants who are  interested in pursuing a degree program at Douglas institution in Canada are asked to apply for $100,000 educational support.

The Reasons You Should Attend Douglas Institution?

The Douglas institution encourages students to pursue their dream and excel at them by providing educational opportunities that both challenged and enlightened them, as well as opening great doors to lives of passion and purpose.

At the Douglas College (DC), they treat one another with fairness and respect, and they set an example of ethical behavior in academic, interpersonal, and administrative operations.


The Douglas Institution’s Vice President (VP) of Global Education and Strategic Partnerships has been recognized and rewarded for his services to the college’s global program over the last 25 years with a lifetime achievement award.

The British Columbia Council (B.C.C) for Global/International Education in Canada (BCCIE) presented Dr. Guangwei Ouyang with the annual Global Education Lifetime Achievement Award for 2020. This recognition (honors) are for those who have had a long-term impact on international education in British Columbia.

This award is actually well-deserved, according to Dr. Kathy Denton, and the President of Douglas Institution, because of Dr. Ouyang’s long term commitment to Global Education.

Guangwei was an Overseas student himself, so he understands the benefits of being an overseas education firsthand. To be sincere, global education has  opened the eyes of many people to great opportunities in life. Denton also said he  loves all global programs no matter how small they could be. because each one has the potential to be transformative in life.

The Dr. Ouyang earned the honor for his involvement in developing Douglas’s global program during the time of his 25-year tenure at the Institution, which started with his negotiation of the first dual-degree business program between post-secondary schools in China and Canada.

So, for the past 20yrs, the partnership between Douglas Institution and Shanghai University of Global Business and Economics has been fruitful and successful.

This dual-degree program has won numerous accolades and has also been recognized as one of China’s best programs based on the employment performance of its graduates, the (Dr. Denton).

The Canadian Bureau for Global Education, Institutions  and Colleges Canada, the Association of Canadian Community Schools  and the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics as well, have also recognized Douglas Institution’s excellence in Global Education.

I’m sure the BCCIE Lifetime Achievement Award given Douglas College’s leadership role in global education in the post-secondary sector in British Columbia, remarked “Dr. Ouyang”. And Without the full support of the entire campus community, they wouldn’t have been able to attain this important award.

This Douglas College Global established the Douglas College “Global Education Award of Distinction endowment” funded in the year 1995. “Then Douglas College Center for Global Education”.

This fund’s goal is to recognize and reward overseas students who have returned to Douglas Institution after completing a minimum of 24 credit hours and have exhibited distinction over time.

This Scholarship Positions is a popular website for overseas students seeking financial support and scholarships. So, thousands of students from underdeveloped nations have benefited from our scholarship administration skills.

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