Acadia University Admission Scholarship Awards, 2021-2022, Nova Scotia, Canada

Acadia University

Acadia University honors and rewards excellence and promise, and we make it simple to apply! You will be immediately considered for an admission scholarship when you apply to an Acadia undergraduate program.

Regional and specialized scholarships are available.

You should apply for distinguished scholarships and special rewards granted by our generous sponsors and alumni in addition to the entrance grants covered by your admission application.

Acadia University’s Arthur Irving Academy Awards in Environmental Studies

University awards are among the most renowned in the world. The awards provide financial support and research support to some of Acadia Institution’s brightest students, allowing them to flourish in their studies.

Additionally, participants participate in a mentorship program and are given excellent research possibilities at the renowned K.C. Irving Climate Science Center and Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens.

The scholarship’s financial support provision is continuous and worth $15,000 per school year. To be accepted, applicants must have a 90 percent average.

Over a four-year period, the value is $15,000 per year.

Their registration will end on the  31st of March 2022.


>> It is given to (an) incoming Black Nova Scotian student(s) in honor of their outstanding community involvement and leadership among Black Nova Scotian students. Submissions will be examined by a committee before awards are awarded.

>> These awards will reward community outreach and leadership among Black Acadia students and are named after Edwin Borden, an Acadia graduate who was one of the first Black people in Canada to receive a Bachelor’s degree (1892) and a Master’s degree (1896).

>> Borden, a native of Truro, Nova Scotia, went on to obtain a Ph.D. and a prominent career in the U. S. as a church leader and university president.

>> The grants will be available starting in the academic year 2021-2022 and will be continuous for a minimum of 4 years.

>> Annual cost: $3,500

The deadline for submissions is March 12th.

The Wolfville-Acadia Rotary Club

>> The School Award will be given to a student who is a graduate of the Annapolis Valley Local School Board and is entering the first year of a degree or professional program at Acadia Institution on an annual renewable basis.

>> The applicant must have an excellent high school academic record and show evidence of “Rotary Spirit” through community service and/or leadership efforts that have improved the lives of others.

>> Students who demonstrate financial necessity will be given priority. The award is given by the Rotary Club of Wolfville in collaboration with Acadia Institution to ensure that brilliant local students have the chance to attend university.

>> $2,000 in value

The deadline is March 1st.

The Acadia Award is offered by AIL.

>> This award is for the  incoming student from [Tantramar Regional High School or Amherst Regional High School] who applied for their programs at Acadia Institution… Such as: Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor/Certificate of Applied Science,  Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and also the statistics students will be given preference.

>> The winner will share John and Anne Wilson’s traits, namely, he or she will be enterprising, actively involved in the community of Sackville, New Brunswick, and have shown ability to help and also to  gain from the  Acadia institution.

>> For each of the grades 10, 11, and first semester of Grade 12, the grantee must have an agreed fixed average of 80% in school preparatory courses. The Wilson family generously funded the scholarship in 2005, with a program value of up to $38,000.

>> In contrast, the award includes a $22,000 residence scholarship from Acadia University for each of the four years in school. Please note that students must have a minimum 80 percent average in grades 11 and 12 to be recognized for this grant.

>> Over the course of four years, the value is $38,000 Plus $22,000 (resident scholarship).

The deadline is April 1st.

The Scholastic Award for Port Williams Jam

>> This award is given annually to a Canadian citizen who is starting their first year at Acadia and has lived in Port Williams for 3 – 5 years.

>> The grantee will have demonstrated academic merit (a minimum school achievements of 75% in Grades 11 and 12), financial necessity, and made a positive impact to community life and religious affairs.

>> $1,500 in value

The deadline is May 31st.

The VEMCO Business Entrance Awards

>> It is given to two students who are joining the Bachelor of Business Administration program and have participated in extracurricular activities each year.

>> At least one of the recipients will be from Nova Scotia. Children of VEMCO/AMIRIX Systems Inc. personnel and those who have displayed innovative thinking will be given priority.

>> The prizes are given on the Director of the Fred C. Manning School of Business’s suggestion. VEMCO/AMIRIX Systems Inc. created the awards in 2010 as part of their commitment to supporting post-secondary education.

>> $1,250 is a rough estimate.

The registration will end on “March 1st.”

>> Acadia alumni’s children and grandchildren are eligible for their awards

>> They are qualified for this one-time award which will be credited to their first-year tuition…. $500 in value and the deadline is in the middle of August.

The Description of their award:

Both the national and international students are qualified to register for Acadia Institutions Entrance Awards 2021-22 in Nova Scotia Canada. The scholarship allows students to enroll in Undergraduate level programs at Acadia University in the areas of All Subjects. The scholarship has an open deadline.

The Level of their Education: Degree

The Acadia Institution Entrance Awards 2021-22, in.Nova Scotia Canada is available for undergraduate level. And the Subjects that are available includes all subjects: Under this award program, you can study any subject of your choice.

The Entrance Award at Acadia Institution in Nova Scotia, Canada 2021-22 is

Partially funded and these awards are for undergraduates Students both domestic & globally.

The Benefits of this Institution Award:

The award awardees will receive full support with the cost of school fees for Acadia institution applied for the undergraduate program. All nations that are qualified for this scholarship

The Eligibility For The Acadia Scholarship

  • You should be a student in high school, secondary school, or a transfer student.
  • You should have a minimal GP average of 80 percent in the courses required for their admission.
  • Your results of final Grade 11 and first semester Grade 12 courses  that are required for admission must be combined to compute the scholarship level.
  • The overseas grades must be converted to meet Canadian GP standard
  • You must be in your 1st undergraduate course program as a transferred student with a minimum cumulative grade points of 3.5 or 80 percent
  • The award registration should be completed online using the schools Status Portal.

Procedure for submitting an application:

Apply for registration and submit all essential admission paperwork that’s needed

You will be given a letter of recognition and the school will let you know if you’re qualified for their awards once you are accepted at Acadia institution.

Before March 1st, you must have completed their registration.

This registration will be used to know which of their school awards you qualify for. Please note that different registration forms are required for Local and Specialized Awards.

We are partners in your education, and we will do everything possible  to ensure a good and successful transition from your high school to this institution.


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