Must-see places in Jordan

Must-see places in Jordan is every traveler’s dream destination and an excellent starting point for traveling to the Middle East. This is a very calm, friendly and safe country, where you can see some of the most fascinating wonders of the world and experience extraordinary hospitality. 
This area has a lot of history, but there are plenty of other things to keep you busy and entertained during your visit, including vibrant cafes and restaurants, stylish shops, snorkeling and swimming adventures, admirable art galleries, and a lively nightlife. 

If you are planning to go on vacation to that part of the world, here are  5 must-see places in Jordan you really shouldn’t miss out. Book your flight with (Royal Jordan) and have a pleasant journey. 

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Must-see places in Jordan

5 must-see places in jordan

1. Petra. 

Petra is a fascinating attraction that will surely surprise you at first sight. This is an ancient city, well preserved. It is recommended to spend at least two days exploring every corner of this glorious site; you can admire the quirky Djinn Blocks, explore numerous houses and tombs, climb steep stairs, admire the landscape and learn more about their history and so on.
 Fun Fact: This spectacular place has been featured in many TV shows, music videos, and movies, including Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Return of the Mummies. Indeed this is really a must-see place in Jordan. 

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2. Wadi Rum 

The southern part of Jordan is one of the most impressive landscapes in the world, also known as the Valley of the Moon. This granite and sandstone valley has mighty dunes, towering cliffs, and spiral arches that you will never forget. Here, you can ride camels or animated Arabian horses, hike through charming gorges, climb rocks, and even spend the night in one of the luxurious campgrounds. This is an incredible place to satisfy your interest in tourism and adventure. 

3. Dead Sea 

When visiting Jordan, floating in the whimsical Dead Sea is essential. This area of water is located about 400 meters below sea level, and the intense aquamarine color seems to shine alongside the desolate red mountains and the ledges of salt crust rocks. The water is rich in minerals, and many people think it has a healing effect on the skin. The main feature of the Dead Sea is its density, so you can’t swim too much, but you can enjoy a good bath and float in this mineral-rich water. 

4. Aqaba

 Aqaba is an ideal destination for a seaside holiday. This is a beautiful seaside town located on the charming Red Sea coastline, with charming palm tree paths and yellow sand beaches, ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, swimming and floating. If you are adventurous, you can take a daily cruise, visit ancient ruins, take a snorkeling tour, or you can simply relax in one of the charming Turkish baths (called Turkish baths). I guess this is so much fun!.

 5. Amman

 If you want to feel the pulse of Arabia and the deep historical and cultural elements of Jordan as a whole, Amman is the best place for you. The streets of the Jordanian capital wind through the vibrant city center, and along the way you can see many places and areas, such as elegant cafes and boutiques, eye-catching Roman theaters, exceptional, impressive mosques and churches, and the popular Ballard area and many magnificent places.

This all thing seems very interesting and fun and indeed a must place in Jordan to be starting from the dead sea where the intense aquamarine color seems to shine alongside the desolate red mountains and the ledges of salt crust rocks to the ancient cities and alot more. Indeed,it is a really must-see places in Jordan. 

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