TV wrist watch

NHJ USA today announced the launch of the Vamp VTV-101 portable TV wrist watch. This compact portable TV weighs only 55 grams and uses innovative technology combined with an interesting design to create an irresistible device for all ages. 

The TV clock has a clear TFT LCD screen (280×220 pixels) and a built-in Sony TV tuner. The TV tuner allows the user to watch VHF 1-12 and UHF 13-62 channels and use the included stereo headphones as a TV antenna. 

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The VTV-101 is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so it can be easily kept energized. It is also equipped with a docking station charger and can be used without removing the battery from the case. This allows the TV clock to have a playback time of 2.5 to 3 hours. 

An additional function of VTV-101 is an internal PLL synthesizer tuner, which can be set to manual or automatic. In addition to all these exciting features, it is also equipped with a neck strap, so users can wear it alternately on the wrist or neck according to their convenience.

TV wrist watch

 The Vamp V-101 TV watch will be first sold from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog in mid-May, with an estimated retail price of approximately US$199.99.

 In the summer of 1982, Seiko released a watch with a miniature LCD TV screen. latitude! The number of such futuristic devices is limited, and some versions were manufactured in the mid-1980s. Guinness World Records named the 1984 version “the smallest TV in the world.” 

Technically speaking, the part of the watch itself is small, but there is a problem. The retail package of the watch has a TV receiver box, which you must carry with you to receive any channel. This box is the size of an old Walkman box player. Wait a minute … Apple? Something like a watch that requires an iPhone to connect to the internet? 

TV Watch is so cool that even James Bond used it in Octopussy, the last movie of the time.

 The price of this watch is US $ 495, which is not suitable for ordinary consumers. They think it will only attract a limited market. In this 1983 article, the New York Times wrote:

 Two New York retailers said in an interview that they hope this watch will only attract a limited market. Erich Hirschfeld, president of Willoughby’s Cameras, said: “I think it will provide a market for the upper class for the joint venture to be successful. But I think the price is too high and it may drop by half in a year or two.” . “Robert J. Wexler, managing director of jewelry retailer Tourneau Inc. said,” It will be sold to a limited audience, who feel they should be the first to have news. Ordinary consumers may not be interested in it.”

 Seiko released the TV wrist watch. 

Seiko Times launched its TV watch yesterday, which was the first official retail watch in the country. 

The company said that this watch consists of a 1.2-inch LCD display mounted on a standard digital clock, and the suggested retail price in US stores from mid-September is $495. 

Seiko said that TV watches use a new technology, liquid crystal video displays, which are much more compact than the cathode ray tubes used in TVs.

This technology can achieve a flat, wafer-like video display, and can be powered by two small batteries. Stereo headphones connected to the watch provide sound. Seiko said that this miniature TV wrist watch can receive all UHF and VHF channels. The company said at a press conference: 

“The traditional cathode ray tube emits electrons from the electron gun behind the screen and illuminates the fluorescent paint on the screen.” It requires high voltage and large dimensions. LCD televisions produce images by controlling the molecular arrangement of liquid crystals in an electric field. This makes miniature size and low power consumption possible.

” US Response Seiko, Japan’s leading watchmaker, first introduced this watch in Tokyo in December last year. Since then, it has sold 2,200 watches for the equivalent price of $ 425. Robert L. Pliskin, president of the company’s US subsidiary. He said that the initial response from US retailers was enthusiastic, adding: We believe we can sell as many products as we produce.

TV wrist watch

Seiko expects to produce 15,000 to 20,000 watches in Japan for this market and exports this year. Say.

 Two New York retailers said in an interview that they expect this TV wrist watch will only attract a limited market. Erich Hirschfeld, President of Willoughby’s Cameras, said: “I think that if the company is to succeed, there will be an upper-class market. But I think the price is too high, and it may be halved in a year or two.”

Robert J. Wexler, managing director of jewelry retailer Tourneau Inc. said: “It will be sold to a limited audience, who think they should be the first to have novelties. Ordinary consumers may not be interested in it.” 

At the press conference, the white and blue TV screen looked a little fuzzy in the hotel room. But when the wrist watch is close to the window, the image becomes clear and clear, and the motion of the TV is easily tracked along with the sound of the earphones. 

Sony Consumer Products, one of Japan leading electronic product manufacturers, said through a spokesperson yesterday: We already have the ability to make TVs in the laboratory, but we think the market is not big enough.

 Although Seiko dealers will not be able to watch TV on the TV wrist watch until autumn, as Puliskin said, a so-called gray market has developed, selling watches in some New York stores. These include 47th Street Photo Shop, Photosound Inc. and Fifth Avenue Rug Gallery. Prices range from US$669 to US$900

TV wrist watch


Mr. Priskin said that he believes these wrist watches were bought by Japanese importers at a price of US$425 and brought to New York for sale at a higher price.  You can purchase one of this product on eBay click here!

Seiko also launched its so-called first LCD quartz tape recorder watch yesterday, which allows a person to dictate on a microchip system for eight seconds. Its suggested retail price is $195.

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